Rats In A Cage By Tolu Agboola




Rats in a cage
need a sage with the maze
to climb the stage
and tell those with the keys to the chains
to let us out of this jail

At 53, it should be all respect
but she’s still treated with contempt
from even her children to endless extent
since every sector in her context
has unreliable and unsatisfying content

What is to pride in ubiquity?
Or having kids on Forbes’ list?
Blessed with human & natural resources
the big ol’ thieves rob & escape with no justice
only to return again & again to rule the masses

A honest piece of mind
from one lost child who just likes to rhyme
to others divided across religious & ethnic lines
to unite and stand for what’s right
for now’s the best time

MLK had the influence and the affluence
more than enough excuses to be silent
facing threats of death(s) and arrest
but he also had the respect of millions
which made him speak ‘the dream’ like a lion

Men of God said we should turn to God The Judge
but they later mingle with, copy and endorse the unjust
MLK could have also quietly floated a mega church
a venture/bank/Uni or a ’Boko’ fronting with religion
instead he peacefully led the march upon seeing the big picture

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