Rêve Détruits by Priscilla Adesheyoju


This is a story I’ll like to share,
‘Cause it’s only a little my heart can bear.

I sit at this moment and have a good stare,
But all I can see is my life in despair.

My dreams of greatness console my emptiness.
My dreams of greatness recover me from sadness.

Mother! “Things would get better, I am only 14 but I know my dreams will come true” I assure her every now and then.

She pats my back and says “All will be well” with a big smile, she says “go and learn”.

Many are times I have these dreams,
This pain will end soon, so it seems.

My dream of greatness I had again just last night, yes! Just last night.

If only I knew that last night would be my last…
Yes I have died even long before I could live my dream.

Do not cry mother, I have only died but I’m still here.

Do not cry mother, If it makes you feel better, I’m in a better place…

So do not cry.


R.I.P to the 2000 souls that had a dream.

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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