The Exegesis of Her Body│Ajise Vincent│Poem


in her you will come to see
the genesis of voices embedded in
twigs of shades. you will come to see
quagmires, large like hitler’s armageddon,
being drowned under the auspice of tears.
you will see that her facial scars
shaped in the similitude of tulips
are stories buried underneath the map of time,
mishaps swooshing out notes of silence.
& when your gaze walks into the soul
of her eyes, you will see a city
where gore from the crevices of mademoiselles
are revered by the laughter of pious men
adorned with thorns of christ

Ajise Vincent is a Postgraduate Scholar based in Lagos, Nigeria. He loves coffee, blondes and turtles.

Lake Adedamola is a poet, writer, and editor with Nantygreens, who's worked with several other literary blogs including Brittle Paper. He has, since 2018, served in various capacities on the Lagos International Poetry Festival, LIPFest, team.

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