The Personage


The Personage

Seated in the foyer of Èko suites

The air smelled sweet.

“Everything I love but not this country ”

“Excuse me “, I speak. “Are you from Europe?”

Slience. Wobble. Not like that , I am an African.


Remorseful. “Ours is different from white heads.”

Immaculate reasoning.

“Because of cancerworm that lives with us? ”

Newspaper faced up. Soft music plays.

Television shows national heads.

“Even a blind man knows this country is darkness.”

Waggle his seats.

Continues. “Ignominy to every national heads.”

Chirping. Reading newspaper.

“Personage of savior is you?”, I asked.

“But we are all leaders” he replied.

Alas! “Just few know this.”

Why? “Because we hate politics.”


Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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  1. Nice poem. The poet shows the problem of the country and the excuses her citizens gives . Interesting because it is dramatic.

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