The Song that Sings Me │ Kwaghkule Jacob │ Poetry


Before the sky will be bereaved
Of the lately smiles of the sun
Some lovely lyrics will stune
Deeply down my eardrum &
Plant some particles of euphoria
Roaming the valleys of my soul.

And when next I am dead
Sing no song of sorrowful verses
To mourn a living-dead like me
For even the Nightingales sing
Only of those who sleep & sigh.

Truly, when next I wake / if I can
May those broken pieces
Of a stenchy song be melted
Like a deliciously cooked iron
Into the hands of a blacksmith
For I feared much its melancholy.

Kwaghkule Aondonengen Jacob, popularly known by his pen name “Mr Kvip,” is a poet and short story writer. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming at, Praxis Magazine, The Best of Africa Magazine, Poemify Magazine, Sub-Saharan Magazine, many local and international anthologies, and elsewhere. Currently, Kwaghkule Aondonengen Jacob is a penultimate student of English and Literary Studies at Federal University, Wukari, Taraba State, Nigeria.

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