The Void Dangling in My Heart │ Adams Raphael │ Poetry


There is a girl
Satan’s Child is written on her forehead.
Her mirror is broken.
She runs to the Stillwater to behold her entirety,
At another time, she comes to disrupt the water.
I watched her melting like ice into another
Dimension of desolated despairs.

Haven’t they embraced these gods with empty kisses,
And barricaded their boundaries with rooted birches?
I found these gods with their eyes dripping volcanic lava.
We all couldn’t afford a smile.

The empty glass in my heart has
Spilt its emptiness
On the blank parts of shadows.
We carry a mummified heart, a remnant to throw into
The abyss engulfed with sadness.
We look up, hoping that our stars won’t shoot at us.

If you prick this dangling void
In my heart with a needle,
It’ll bleed people bleeding a mirage.

Adams Raphael is a poet from Nigeria. He writes from the void spaces within him.

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