Trophy Wife


by Opeyemi Odeyale

Trophy wife-nantygreens

They say I am mad

To have married an old man

They say it’s because of money

I decided to call him honey

Yes to hell with love

But it’s definitely not lust

He said I was beautiful

And I found him dutiful

Since he had all I wanted

I went ahead and heeded

He adores his new wife

Hell yeah she is his life

Now do not judge my course

It really aint my fault

For now he is dead

And to me goes all his wealth. 

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  1. nah.. dis is not artistic at all. very mediocre piece. I cant call dis literature cuz there’s nothing deep here. not cool

  2. Deep, maybe not. But witty, entertaining and modernist? No doubt. It still serves some of the functions of literature in my opinion. I enjoyed this. Thank you, Ope.

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