Unrequited Love by Ojiegbe Somtochukwu


Unrequited Love
Which is worse?
The fact that I fell in love with you,
Or the hurt, you caused
When you failed to love me too…
You gave your reasons of course,
But my failing heart cannot make it without you,
It will always pause,
With every thought of you…

How do I make you love me?
Even when you have failed to,
How do I make you see?
That I do not want to let go,
How do I get through to you?
What do I do?
It’s you dear, are you that blind not to see?
Then why do you need me to let go?
When certain things are meant to be…

Can your heart consider an appeal?
Can it look with pity on me?
For at least, now it knows how I feel…
You are my dream and my fantasy,
Without your love, my broken heart can never heal…
Even when I try letting go of you,
This foolish heart of mine won’t be still…
If my heart in all its torture, won’t stop beating for you,
Then it should stop beating for me…
For I am lovelorn and my only crime, is loving you.

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