Vicity by Bello Haneefah


Sometimes when I look back
I realise just how far the tides of my Nile
Have swept me and washed me white
I walk through paved blue streets
And I see my generation destroyed by madness
Starving hysterical juveniles
Made half a beast by the beast of beats

The sun sets and leaves an epidemic in its wake
Sickness has corrupted my mind
And the sins of my time have poisoned the air
My melancholic mind yearns for peace

My feet long soft innocent paths
Free of broken rum bottles that kill souls of soles
Instead of crazy jives of the city
Sweet sonorous folk music will soothe my burning ears
My body needs to be caressed
By my mother's bamboo bed

Still on this soft June morning
I'm haunted by ugly pizza on my breakfast plate
If only I could have fruits fresh from the farm
Or bean cakes and cow milk
And steaming pap for dessert

Now and again
I dread the monstrous suit in my wardrobe
And the disgusting rope that hangs from my neck
If only I could wear my adire to work
Surely I'd be a lot happier with my boss

I cannot bear to live like this
But my folks will not hear of it
And my quest for greener pastures
Leaves me with no choice but to live
In both the imaginary and real phases of life
The vicity of life.

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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