We Are Walking Without Legs by Olaniyi Adekanye



Even when themoving eyes
Effect theircoyness of denial
The watching moonwas my witness
The scorching sunalso autographed
The sweeping rainleft uncertain scars
The scattering winggarnered nothing
From thefour-corners
"Don’t we havepeople up there?"
I asked the ageingfather
The ageing breathchorused misery
"We arewalking without legs, my child."
Was after a l-o-n-gl-o-n-g silence
My heart becamebusy…
"And we climbthe ladder without the rungs."
And my being wasstill-life
"God wards offthe tormenting flies
For the tail-lesscow."
That tilted mypassive aggression
That He steers theman
And not the peopleup there.

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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