Welcome to Sixteen by REZthaPoet



Through pain

Tears, sweat and sorrow you bore greatness

By hard work, harder work and prayer

You shame atheists


You have brought out marvel,

From out of the grace of oxygen

And have shown beauty out of ashes

For every time you have risen like a phoenix



Yet a persona, (that is) pink dyed

My Mother, like the earth

Mother, the earth

Mother, my earth

Mother, our earth.


The embodiment of fertility,

Our plug to life

The plug, of a wife

The harbinger,

Of our beautiful existence,


The teacher that imbibed in us,

This spirit of persistence

Showed us to go green, but not to be envious

The walking royalty, that taught loyalty

Acts overtly, but never treacherous


The architect, of daddy’s home

The fluid that joins daddy’s bones

The key that changes daddy’s tones

The laboratory, of daddy’s clones.


The beautiful hourglass,

Timing to sixty at the age of sixteen

This young woman,

This goddess,

Is our mother

And we love her.


Welcome to sixteen, Mum.





I need you

Like strength to a toddler, trying two feet

Like space, to a claustrophobe trying to fit

Like that extra ounce of resilience, tied to feats

I tried to fit


Tried to fit,

Into times

Like the heart that recycle beats

Living, isolate

That my rosy cheeks wish that you see

That my eyes do weep


These feelings that I try to keep

Close to my heart

Rip me apart

So much that I feel feeble

So much more, I realize


I need you.


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