White and Ash by Tola Ijalusi


White and Ash


Gentle bubble boos, sweet sexy baes

Glamour through South porch as of sheep

Gleaming goal of distinction having North fees.

We’ve been dressed in the native attire of Integrity

Worn on our body is White

Firm on our waist is Ash,

Complimentary garment of United.


Found round nook and cranny

Of our cream and brown

Poverty antidote colony –

Coupled audit in weeks, subsequent in assurance days,

We’ve learn legacy.


At Middle-belt lies the confluence

Of solid bridge influence

Where water brigade abounds,

Here lies the three cord in musical terrain

Humming anthem of all for scores.


We do might works,

We calculate glorious figures,

Attentive to accuracy,

Retentive  in memory.


Flocks of Sheep

Tendered by Shepherds of I Can

Shall come and go through rods of pen;

Fed with meal of delight – yet

Will within, win wars

Of success in hands of destiny.

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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