Yet We Lived by Okonkwo Christoper


​And now they left us to roast…
Like the rooster back to the roost
Unknown to them, unknown!
Success they implanted on our trail.
And now they left us to roast…
Like the smoldering remnant of beef
On the Aboki man’s suya grill
Desiccated beyond edibility,
But warm, yes; warm.
And now they left us to roam…
With the hope that we’ll be lost
Unable to find our way home;
But home is sweet with aroma
And its sweet savour: a billow,
That leads us straight to freedom,
To our sweet ancestral abode.
They left us to roam…
Wishful for our demise,
Unlaced sandals of thorn
They proffered to us;
Worn so carelessly
Clapping soundlessly on sand
Like the flapping ears of the elephant,
Kissing the air and yet beckoning.
And now they lied against us…
Against all odds, we survived:
Held to life by our passions,
Our very strong will to be victors
Even at the depth of destitution.
And now they brand us destitute…
Without history or culture or structure!
We, people of illustrious acclaim!
That struggled to achieve with grace,
Against time and tide and throes;
Against all Fani’s of humanity,
Against all those who perceive
And never bothered to trek the path
To Ndigbo land, a land of frozen journey;
To see, to appreciate, to fathom,
Yet; we’re yam mmiri dodon doya!
And aje okuta ma mu omi!
Yet; our mansions fill their landscapes;
Such manner of men to call brothers!

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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