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None sense nantygreens

I’m here to save the World just like most who come into it. The difference is just the way we do it.

No, I don’t have a plan yet but one day it’s going to come together. I know this. Bits and pieces of this master plan swim through my subconscious some of the time and I try as much as possible to write them down. Some come in form of rhetoric but therein lies the key to unlocking understanding about our World.

Today, I’m particularly besieged by these thoughts; that must be because the end is near. However, I plan to save this World before it ends. Time is fleeting and Jesus is coming soon; I need to pen these thoughts before the End.

Please, if all these makes no sense to you now; come back sometime in the future, I assure you it will. I’m not sure about that though. Truth be told, I’m not sure about a lot of things. Like where I’m headed with this writ or what I’m writing about or this or that or this and that.

Cheer up though. There’s this thing they say about order in chaos. The chaos theory thingy? Yeah.

By the time I get hungry and realize I wasn’t meant to be a writer or some other distraction catches my fancy, I’ll stop and put you out of the misery of reading this _____*Lend me an adjective here. I won’t take offence*

I’m a bit of an optimist though and I hope before that happens, you will find bits and pieces of clues to the mystery of saving the World in this piece. Please, kindly point them out when you do. Copyright laws apply.

“Discovery is seeing what everyone else has seen but seeing it a different way”. Don’t know who made that up but it’s true for me today. Seeing as I just realized some truths…

Remember that Beauty and the Beast story? Don’t you think it’s one of the most common happily ever stories about the act of bestiality? You don’t agree? Okay.

Again, what really happened all the time Snow white was asleep? At least some of the dwarves must have bathed her… changed her clothes? No innuendoes please. I’m just concerned with the serious business of saving the World here.

You must think I’m such a Prick. Casting all these spurious aspersions… You want to know the truth? You are right. I’m a Prick; symbolically and rightfully one. *Looks down south at the South Pole*

Now, I feel a lot of problems in the World would be non-existent if Pricks were more obedient than egocentric. Like, if one could actually tell one’s Prick, “sit” exactly as one would command a trained dog. Sadly, the Prick is no dog and very untrained at that. It does what it wants to do. Paying too much attention to a point where it embarrasses its owner.

Also infuriating is the easily inflatable ego of the Prick. A little ‘stroke’ and it becomes all tensed up in unabashed arrogance. *Spits*

Such is the irritating conceit of the Prick that I imagined a conversation between it and a Pussy (Not that one you’re thinking, the other one). I imagine Prude Mrs. Pussy calling out heartily to Egocentric Mr. Prick…

“Hey there Mr. Prick, *The Prick sounding Preek* How are ya?” (British countrywoman accent)

And Mr. Prick red all over and visibly offended at the malapropism of his distinguished nomen by harmless Mrs. Pussy; retorting, “It’s “Prick” Mrs. Pussy, Not “Preek”. “Preek” is for the uncouth and lowborn. I, Mrs. Pussy, am civilized and highborn. Have a good day Mrs. Pussy” then nodding his crown slightly and immediately withdrawing into his owner’s drawers leaving Mrs. Pussy all red and open-mouthed…

I feel this unholy pilgrimage of my mind coming to a close. I hope by now I have added to the contributions of humanitarians the world over trying to save it. What I just did here will one day be important as saving the Ozone I believe… Till then, then…  Arriverderci.


Jig-saw of complete thoughts. Sea of emotions, each tidal wave; spewing form. In this world of haves and have nuts, I chose the latter.

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