Not your type girl….



So I was sitting at this lobby waiting for my turn, not really paying attention to the others waiting like me. I had logged in to a chatting application on my phone using that to kill time. This girl I have been chatting with for days had flicked an emotion in me. I had been arranging to see her in a while now but she kept evading the topic. Now that I’m around her area, I had thought to drop by. Hanging out with her for a couple of minutes won’t be bad so I fired up determination to get her to pick me at the place.

not your type girl

As we chatted on, she couldn’t keep the truth of why she didn’t want to see me any longer. She broke it to me that she is a lesbian. Disgust, anger and many other emotions arose in me. Meanwhile the girl sitting next to me had been peeping to read the chat. She smelled the emotions flying by and asked me what the problem is so I showed her the chat. Surprisingly she didn’t flinch but told me of how her boyfriend had been snatched by another lover. That seems to be a normal thing until she told me the new lover is a guy.

Apparently, she had already gotten over it. We had been hanging out for a while now. Must say she’s a wonderful person! I’m kind of hoping to ask her out one of these days. I can’t deny her effect on me. We are fun together; Mad fun! And yes she has great girl friends. Not your type of girls though.

With all the heterosexual people around her, could she really want me? Could she be a friendly lesbian using me to cover up her status? Or is she a bisexual? Well she is coming over tomorrow; I’d take my chance. She had better at least be a bisexual if not straight.

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