Author: nantygreens

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

headlong by Hauwa Shafii Nuhu
Poetry 1

headlong finally, i pause the prolonged humming in my veins -all things must align with this silence i gather grapevines bloodying their lengths; the ones whose voices are…More

Youth smoke ace
Poetry 0

I will mark my body with worldly inks of sorrow and  misery as though I cannot love; proof of all that I endure I  admire you in all your ways…More

Darkness spider bugs spooky
Stories 0

'Goodnight, Mum'. 'Yeah, goodnight, honey. And don't stay up late this time'. 'Okay, mum, I promise', I replied. I smiled as I watched mum climb up the stairs to her…More

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