To my lover with love by Itiola Victor


In an overcrowded class
I found a friend who smiles, always
Her smile, enough to lighten my day
A shield from the draining sun

After the sun effect left me drained and tired
She is a friend with a lot of benefits
She is a good adviser
A good listener
A good analyst.

I collared courage and approached her
Telling how I feel, about her
She listened
She heard,
She asked
“can you even protect yourself,
Talk less of someone like me?”
She told me to go sleep on it.

I left hopeless
I was defeated,
I was in an induced thinking for twenty minutes
Flashbacking and thinking on what she had said,
I approached her the next day and began thus:

Superman with his strength
Spiderman with his sense
Batman with his fist
And I, a gentleman with a loving heart
And I, living, willing to suffer for your sake

She was spellbound for three minute, in whole
Looking at my face as if she was reading my mind
My fate I know lies on her lips at that very moment
I even felt trapped between the lips.

Looking for an escape route
Anxious for an answer, the answer!
She just smiled at me and said
I can see you are telling me the truth
But let me tell you my truth
I do not need a superhuman to protect me
I just need a heart where I can stay and nurture my feelings
And I see that place in you

My heart leaped on hearing her words
I held her hands and whispered in her ear:
I may not be a superhuman but with you
I am far stronger than any superhuman.

She looked into my eyes seeing my determination
She hugged me and said,
promise to protect me
I replied, I will try my possible best to ensure
No harm comes your way.

She held my pinky finger, showing her total trust in me
And I felt a change in the pattern of my heartbeat
Who seems to succumb to her touch
My emptied heart now seems flowing with love
And someone to rely on in time of distress.
I gently tilted her head and kissed her forehead
I love you my dear melancholy.



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