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sango and friends
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The Adventures of Sango I came across the animated Fela interview earlier and decided to check out other works by the creator Smile77. Have you ever wondered what would Sango do to famzers (sycophants), this…More

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Lagos State Energy Initiative has orgainsed a competition tagged Art of Energy Competition. The Lagos Energy Conservation Art Competition is for visual artisites to make a visual representation of conserving…More

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Dido was not her real name but it was the name everyone knew her by. Even her parents often times called her Dido against their better judgment. Though they didn’t…More

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…She sat there in blatant darkness, still and unmoving, her thoughts doing all the shuffling. Any crafty animal perceiving her might foolishly think her insensible or to its peril,…More

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Mosaic artist Jason Mecier created Barack Obameat & Meat Romney, 3D meat snack portrait of President Barack Obama and the Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Check out the making via Laughing SquidMore

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Gun Me Colorufully is a creative imagined gun that uses crayon as its bullet. This is the kind of gun I like 🙂 via Laughing SquidMore

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