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Last updated on October 27th, 2020 at 11:31 am

Where can I take art classes in Lagos?

After getting this question for a while now, we researched and reached out to a couple of places to have a list of places you can learn how to draw, paint and do all other forms of fine arts in Lagos. A number of studios are open to kids and teens to learn develop their creative talents but there are also some for adults. Here are some of the places that offer drawing or painting classes in Lagos

  • Art Splash Studio

Art Splash Studio organises painting classes as social art experience called Paint Nite. The classes takes place in both Lagos and Abuja. If you would like to paint, eat and have some cocktail, you should definitely check them out.

Website –
Facebook – Facebook, Art Splash Studio and instagram / @artsplashstudio

  • African Artists’ Foundation (AAF)

African Artists’ Foundation (AAF) aims to promote and develop contenmporary African art. They organise workshops, residencies, competitions and art exhibitions. AAF offer art classes for children three times a week for three weeks in the summer. African Artists’ Foundation classes introduce children between the ages of 6 – 12 to basic design, papier mache, drawing, clay art and other creative endeavours perfectly suited to young hands and temperaments.

Website –
Email – [email protected]

  • Phinnys Talent Studio

Phinnys Talent Studio works to help identify and nurture creative abilities in kids and teenagers from an early age. Their service caters to young minds and creating an enabling environment for their skills to be developed and retained.

Website –
Email – [email protected]

  • The Performing Arts School of Nigeria

PAS Nigeria aims to provide an enabling environment for students to learn and nurture their passion for the arts. They offer both private one – on – one classes and scheduled group classes. At PAS Nigeria, you can learn different forms of visual arts such as Drawing & Painting, Photography and Graphic Design. Check their website to get more information about their programs

Email: [email protected]



If you know some other places to take art classes in Lagos or your city, do email it us ([email protected]) or drop it in the comments.

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