Nigeria, what is it?

Nigeria had called for us to obey; a call to vote. Voting is supposed to allow us elect the person of our choice so voters’ registration had been the password. Since voters’ registration is the key to voting, the exercise had to be paid special attention. With the changing of the INEC chairman, involvement of Corpers and use of electronic devices for registration; a change for good is been expected. But as the exercise began, it looks as if it was set up to fail just like every other thing in this country.
Can’t we just make anything work in this country? Seems we are allergic to doing the right things to get good result. Or is the problem with the name Nigeria? Ordinary electronic registration had become herculean task. The ordeals at the registration centres are just ridiculous. The DDC machine just love to feature on pages of paper; starting with when it was stolen and now, every newspaper must have something to say about it.
INEC and NYSC had set Corpers up for ridicule. They dispatch them about without providing adequately for activities they are to carry out. All that Jega cares about is they doing the registration. I wonder who Jega expect to provide table and chair for the Corpers or are they to sit on the floor? No security whatsoever! “What has the country done for these youths to earn their loyalty” someone asked in an interview.
Many would have thought it is the Corpers that are totally defective before hearing it happens in every other place. I seriously pity the Corpers as they battle the terrible machines and the temper of the citizens. Corpers had been caught up by a system set up to destroy them. This is more so because this is not the first time people are encountering electronic registration and it was hitch-free even without necessarily educated personnel involved.
Didn’t MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and the likes did SIM registration without a complaint from any quarters? They didn’t have to use CORPERS or some high level of educated personnel. Similar but better equipments were used to achieve this. Why do Nigeria have to make this registration seems like an experiment in Quantum Physics? Can’t INEC learn from the SIM registration exercise and give contract to competent people?
When I got to the centre, the first thing that disgusted me was how scattered about the equipments were. Watching them set up, my mind drifted to the compacted equipment set used for SIM registration. The so called laptop used for INEC registration switches off every 3 minutes and this is not due to battery problem. I wonder who was given this contract. I wouldn’t have known Haier produces laptop; thanks to INEC. Now they go about saying people should wash their hands to help the thumb scanner perform; what a joke! I sense people would have started some superstitions already.
If the SIM registration which covers far more population could be done seemingly effortlessly, I see no reason why this INEC registration couldn’t be done with minimal headaches. To get 50% registered within two weeks would be a miracle at this rate. If this is what we get after the extension of time, I wonder what would have happened if there hadn’t been an extension.
It’s surely headline season for DDC machine and the registration entirely.
The drama series: DDC MACHINE FAULTS JEGA. JEGA BLAMES IT ON ILLITERATE CORPERS. CORPERS TURN TO MANICURING. TESTIMONY OF A CORPER TURN MANICURIST. Isn’t enough time for planning given already? Or was it been under funded? I doubt! Nigeria, what is it?

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