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Freedom - Birds flying free
Poetry 4

What is the essence of life without air? In this dismal state of despair My heart yearns for the ecstasy That comes with a whoosh of sparkling air That nourishes…More

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Do check out Teehem's other write-ups here. Interesting stuff! Pointing has always been an invaluable skill/gift whichever way you may have it. If you disbelieve, check your Quran, bible or…More

Poetry 0

by Omolola Sanusi As I sat under this cloud of misery I concluded the world must listen to my silent outcry and feel my heartfelt pain I sailed here with wishes…More

Poetry 0

by Sanusi Omolola Latifat With the ink of blood You left the letters of pain In the pool of memory On that dreadful day You took the flight of doom;…More

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The inaugural KorloueNow Poetry Competition is on. KorloueNow is a platform for promoting creative thoughts through writing. It hopes to shift the attention of youths from violence as a means to an…More

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