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(written some weeks ago;enjoy or not)


‘Even in the event that you have no opinion,shouldn't it be a shame for you to let people know’ – @sloppyninja


       By all means have an opinion, but the chances of it counting is what you are not guaranteed.
I tweeted that some weeks ago. This tweet was informed by se
ries of tweets from several people on issues ranging from Don Jazzy/Dbanj split, Oteh to 'Dominion Air' rumour. A particular tweet on opinion caught my attention; how do you even come up with such? Anyway let’s get to my thoughts really quick.

Swallow the chill pill

     A lot of these people I must say don't have a mind of their own. A tweet was asking 'How are you guys coping with the DonJazzy/Dbanj news?' Really? Is it a national crisis? Are we to call the UN to mediate in this issue?
 Some OAPs were dedicating time to Don Jazzy and saying all sorts of things. Who allowed you people on the radio in the first place? Two partners are splitting and we turn it to something as important as eradicating poverty; please chill.

We dey try

The Oteh case was all sorts of joke in different forms. First the amount was said to be 850k later it was revised to 84k with picture of receipt as evidence. Such comedy was really fun to follow on social media. Citizen reporters dey try. “Oh she's being witch-hunted, she's a reformer…Hembe wanted bribe, blah blah blah” was all over the place. I have only one thing to ask; how do dust off a dirty cloth with palm oil anointed hands?


The new gods

   If you ask me Pastors are the new cool bullies. You didn't ask so pretend you didn't read that. They are new gods in a way though. I mean you can't question the act of a man called Pastor and not get rebuked by a thousand tongues. That's the minimum you can get. Why can't one question a Pastor after all when the burden of this world is too much to bear, you would look up and ask God:

"Why lord? Why must I be the one to suffer? But lord, it's not my portion?” and the list of such petitions continue. I just don’t get it.

      A tweet goes 'I don't have anything to say about this Dominion Air thing' Of course it got one of those endorsement RTs; yes I would know. That tweet is an opinion, though the person doesn't want to give one, which gave many meanings. It does one of the followings:

-Confirm that the person is hiding a bias
– you're the bandwagon type (zombie minds)
– you honestly can’t  be saddled with the work of thinking.

                                                       It's all an opinion. How would I know you are not a programmed Robot when you don't have an opinion? Like I have said earlier, by all means have an opinion…this is my opinion; heck it doesn't count.

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  1. yomi pearl edward

    these stuffs, though started as personal reactions, are becoming increasingly national..that's how opinion are formed, you know that? and now, one can't simply look away without commenting..

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