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First kisses could be sloppy Wet and harried like new born puppies Bittersweet, yet lovely Once tasted, forever remembered Lives not more than fleeting seconds A meeting of…More

Gathering Cloud
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Araba, What are you still doing out there, unmoved? Are your ears so muffled that you cannot hear the river roar? It is approaching… Won’t your sense dialogue with…More

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Life is beautiful its intricacies intriguing one moment am a child The next an adult Just YESTERDAY, I gave my mum a first kick, then a first cry I…More

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Where do I start from? I was asked by a friend, a brother; “where is your bile?” Honestly, I feel numbed but…More

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It was a typical love commotion, This time, You're drowning in the pool of total confusion, Being the poor victim violently Crushed by the big feet Of…More

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My sister! I could hear her screaming, I could sense the panic in her voice, I traced where her voice was coming from, it was from the neighbors’ house,…More

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Forgive me friend For I can’t forgive you As much as I try not to remember It all keeps coming back The pain, the shame The tears, the fear…More

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