This Heart of Mine by Ezinne Ogwumah


This Heart of Mine


I have too much sympathy for the world,

That I fear that I may be blinded from the fact;

The heart of man is wicked and the world breeds evil.

Just as the man who sits on the road,

Begging for change to feed on,

While in the real sense – a scheme of the devil.

As our fingerprints embedded on those naira notes,

Go to the altar of the unknown,

And we face difficulties in the future untold.

Did I forget the old woman who my heart breaks for?

As I ponder about her children; if any, forsook her

But in pure unseen sense,

Reaping the seeds she had sown, from her dealings with the devil.

Satisfaction of immediate needs- detrimental to others;

Children possibly.

With my left hand,

I caress my chest and wonder,

How many more have we ‘unlooked’ and given undeserved pity.

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