Codeine Diet by Dami Ajayi


Codeine Diet

Online is a weak cyber-metaphor for high
But you already know
Like you know blue is still the colour of the sky
& Sky Vodka bottles
rebranded as VIP lounge originals.

Coquettish pony-tailed waitress with a waist bag
that thickens her sex appeal
offhandedly doing a non-committal Shaku-Shaku

Bishop in his minor moment of linguistic
epiphany or gospel ecstasy deconstructs
this dance as demonic Shackle-Shackle for
next Sunday Sermon,
no thoughts about Mary Mary

We return to the VIP lounge where online
means vicious market
where well-meaning lonely lovers find fraud
thinly disguised as longing;
Yahoo Yahoo is neither reverse Colonialism
nor Slavery redux
it is humanity revisited, without a theoretical spine.

Somewhere in the psyche drug ward
A Registrar discovers Freud.

Dami Ajayi is a medical doctor, writer/poet and a music critic. In 2012, Clinical Blues, his debut poetry collection was shortlisted for the International Melita Hume Poetry Prize.

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