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by Titilope Alake I want to be a beautiful bird Precisely..Odidere Odidere and its flashing wonders With its garments of bright colours Then I shall call a show…More

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               …Fido raced on like a mad dog out of hell. it was one of those adrenalin controlled moments in ones’ life when the brain and its’ reasoning capabilities…More

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Your beauty bubbles like red palm oil being extracted from the banga fruit Your eyes so bright like the miday sun filled with soft tenderness You stand tall and…More

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FOR JUMOKE VERISSIMO [/caption] (Memories are many on these lanes) In silence I heard your raging voice Tramp-ling down Cursed elders In the lineage of our Shattered histories In…More

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"My God," She sighed and raised her head, "The early bird is still unfed." In great despair, with silent cries She bowed her head and wiped her eyes. Her…More

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