Cold Fire by Cynthia Jusi

I am thinking about this girl
She and I are more than close
She always wished life was fair
But whoever could avoid life's troublesome woes
Travelling along the bumpy road of life
Laced with roses, thorns and bristles
Has filled her with strife
Poised on the steep edge of life's cliff
awaiting the blast of the final whistle
She was born with a big heart
One so large it could take on the world
And that's where the problems starts
As everyone see's her personality as odd
She was made for a life of love 
But that fate came undone
When her lover used no glove
And left her with reckless abandon
Yet she still fights for the best life had to give
Who could have known she would climb this high
After the messed up life she had to live
It's obvious nothing can quench a Cold Fire

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