Author: Cynthia Jusi

alone in a crowd
Poetry 0

I am surrounded by so many people… Some of them familiar So much noise. Such happy chatter and cherry smiles Eager conversations swirling from down the isle Soft giggles coming…More

blindfolded face
Poetry 0

She could have been another beautiful face One that was born of the black race she was a beauty born into a world of freedom But society and class make…More

Poetry 0

I am thinking about this girl She and I are more than close She always wished life was fair But whoever could avoid life's troublesome woes Travelling along…More

Poetry 0

In yesterday's crowd you stopped my heart's hurried pace. Through all that chaos you made mine a distinct face. The thoughts in your head echoed mine like a town…More

Poetry 1

Twenty four hours…… Of passion and pain Moments of peace and times I almost run insane Twenty four hours…. Patiently I wait for day to pass the baton to night Twenty four…More

Poetry 2

Stuck on this bed Heart suffering hundred degree burns It feels ugly but I know it’s just for a time From burnt endings; new beginnings arise. Living in my…More