Dana Crash; Dreams Crashed


by Sanusi Omolola Latifat

With the ink of blood

You left the letters of pain

In the pool of memory

On that dreadful day

You took the flight of doom;

A voyage of no return

In the sea of hopeless memory

Loved ones wait

As hearts pumps in pain

We beheld the pulp of your carcasses

And grew deaf to the vision of encouragement

We became trapped

In the pit of these deaths

So is the stench

From this accursed memory.

dana crash

That lyrical sorrow

That emanates from the drumbeats

Of crashed dream and shattered hopes.

When we saw the vultures were waiting

That dark Sunday!

When the moon refused to smile

We shed a sea of thorny tears

That woeful day

The birds refused to sing;

The grasshopper refused to hop

And the thunder rebuked the lightening

We beheld the monster of catastrophes

And the mountain of calamity

That joy-marred day

When elephants morphed into maggots

We beheld flesh

Shred into flakes

On that dream-tattered Sunday

When the stench of death

Invaded our nostrils

We beheld the mirror of shattered dreams

That refused to break!

For how long shall we drink

From the river of bitterness?

How long shall we wail in vain

While our future go down the drain?

Dana crash: The clash of future hopes and failed generations.


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