The Sun Squirts Red Rains by Ehindola Peter



The sun squirts red rains

of malediction in re-tri-bu-sun .

inhabitants of the water world,

of globular congregation

arken the hornblower

who laments the daybreak at nighfall:


you woke the slumbering sun!

you blew the firing smoke up beyond!!

the heavens!!!

Now the sun weeps in agony,

waking with eyes red like scarlet,

oblique in bank of black cloud but

will not descend beyond Olympus when

Scotching mist of flame bound snow-fall.


So the sons of men,

while crossing the threshold of sky flood,

laden with metallic

and long menacles…

The pathway is a taboo!

It was made by the prime

And only they walk therein.

So like goatskin  pancaked with krokro,

from sunworld,

man’s eyeball oiled and paining,

squirting soiled milk.

Not waterfall but bloodrain,

Slapped skin and burning.


Now in thunderous silence the sun laughed.

The deed of man is done.

Saw the harbinger beckoning the red cloud

gathered northward in the Atlantic


You cannot wait under the umbrella in snowrain

Or does one deeps finger into the fire and sleeps afterward?

Tis the teardrops of a weeping sun

licking the waters dry.


Ehindola Peter writes here and tweets as @ehindola

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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