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another day nantygreens.com
Poetry 2

Orange clouds merge with the sun-filled spaces amidst leaf shadows on the wall

And our whole world becomes one gooey ember

Everywhere you look, the light is falling and even

Freedom - Birds flying free
Poetry 4

What is the essence of life without air? In this dismal state of despair My heart yearns for the ecstasy That comes with a whoosh of sparkling air That nourishes…More

posterity holds great whips
Poetry 0

by Omolola Sanusi I am a shadow of the present that lives in the future I sing dirges of hapiness      I am looking for the sun of peace…More

Poetry 0

In yesterday's crowd you stopped my heart's hurried pace. Through all that chaos you made mine a distinct face. The thoughts in your head echoed mine like a town…More

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