Ever Since I Let You by Oluwafemi Babasola



did you ever care?

did those words mean a thing?

did you ever care?


were the morning roses dolls?

were the late calls baits?

those moments at cinemas too?


did you meet my family for the fun?

did you meet my pastor for nought?

those promises bleak as the winter sun?


were your words the colours of the air?

were your words shout of joy at a churchyard?

were they the beautiful sun of winter?


were they the coldness of the noon moon?

were they sunlight in the night?

don't tell me they were hell cold.


ever since the cold solemn night.

when we had it that cold solemn night.

'cause ever since I let you in through my gates..


Oluwafemi Babasola is a poet and a writer. He loves writing, as it is a tool he employs while expressing his beliefs.  He writes a wide range of genre which includes motivation, sports, fitness and thought provoking articles.

Oluwafemi is a student of Osun State University,  Osogbo in the Agricultural Economics and Extension department.


Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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