Nostalgia by Michael Balogun


Follow my path months after I leave
Who said?‎
Who hears?
Who follows?

Follow my path for I know a beautiful Garden

Who cares
Who guides
Who showers with love and shares joy
Where cruelty is naught and loving is taught
Where cleanliness is a must

Where Heavenly Father is the author and finisher of beautiful Garden's faith
So would you follow my path when I leave?

Follow my path months after I leave
So said
To who cares
Who hears?
Three followed

To the beautiful Garden who made me who I am
Who taught me all her qualities
Who told One to go and become a garden
Who stylishly told Two of they that turns deaf ears to her must 
Who told Three nothing much because Three knows what Garden means
Who extends guidance and abundance love to Four regardless of her endless wants

Countless Gardens have been
Countless Gardens I have seen
My priceless Garden has been
My priceless Garden I wish I still see

Now One is a garden beautifully growing to surpass the beauty of our priceless beautiful Garden
One is un-preparedly a beautiful garden before becoming a beautiful garden she was told to go become by our beautiful Garden

Two still has the thoughts lingering up in the head as fresh as the morning dew

Three wishes the recent reason to smile caught her right there in the garden

Four feels void and alone like no one understands

Oh! countless Gardens have been
Countless Gardens I have seen
Our priceless Garden has been
Our priceless garden we wish we still see.


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