Poem: Farewell to First Freedom by Oyebamiji Sunday

Genesis of adulthood
Accomplished apartment of self-dependence
Thus the end of first taste.
Bittersweet feeling maybe
A move from undergraduate scoldings
Synopsis of reality was watched
From the seats of impatience.
The morrow beyond farewell
bids a careful self-governance.
A step from parental scoldings
Or say, maternal and paternal advice.
Life has delivered in mustaches: certificate,
buds of emotion, order of man's preference
for success, forced thoughts, mentality beside
a platform of futuristic ups and downs
The smooth road of parental guidance
May become roughened with experience
The thorns on the bed of roses
May now prick the reckless sleeper
The heat of sunrise
May burn the seeker of pleasure
For a farewell bid is indeed a welcome
Phrase to the ignorant literate
Who fetches from lazy well
The drought of opportunities unused….

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