Poem: Night life by Gbadegesin Aminah Oyinkansola

I want to talk about the nightlife
Creeping places
Of pungent odour
Of urine with liquor
The snores of street lords
Where lunatics dwell
The abode of the homeless
Of clotheless children
Surviving on street offerings
On bare floor
Cold and stinging.
I want to tell the stories of nightlife
Not of witches and wizards
Nor of clubs and parties
Not of night spirits
Nor of vampires and werewolves
I want to talk about the nightlife
Of abandoned kids
Holding hands
Wishing home was near
Trekking the length of lighted streets
Scouting for stalls to lay for the night
Early parts of the night spent in begging
Mother is in the village
Roasting corn
Grandma has a ramshackle in the outskirt
Fatherless babies
Devoid of flesh
Gaping bones
Hollow orifices
Thin phalanges
Cracked lips
Mismatched shoes
Worn out T-shirts
I want to talk about the nightlife
Not about beautiful couples
Nor exquisite dinners
Not about sweet lovers
Nor singing divas
I want to talk about kids
Littered in my country
They look all the same
A warm embrace is all it takes
A cheerful smile is all needed
An outstretched hand is what it is
A kind word is enough
A little help is a big deal
I want to talk about the nightlife…

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