Gravity Is Not So Bad │ Ruth Torty │ Poetry


When I struggled to talk to you
I looked out of the coffee shop
To watch a fowl’s attempt at flying
I tell you that I am like the fowl
Odd and insecure

That when I try hard to fly away
To my impossible dreams
A force from the Earth
Pulls me back down
Keeps me restless

For me to fly
I need to gather a lot of energy
Against that force
I keep staring at the fowl
As I call you the Earth
And the force is your love

To love you is to surrender
A price
My soul is afraid to pay

You smile and tell me
I could never fly like others
That your love
Would give me peace

Ruth Torty is a Christian, biochemist and healthcare & biotechnology content writer. She enjoys watching IAAF tournaments, reading novels and praying. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @RuthTorty

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