Life by Timi Sanni


Of skinny children with empty bowls
Of moguls dressed in gilded attires
Of ancestors long gone
Life, of right and wrong and that line in between
You’re the air we breathe,
the blood that flows through our veins
You’re the moment,
a preparation for an eternal tomorrow
Your course and cycles push us to the edge
Your big hands break us time and time again
And in delicate fingers mould us back to shape
We born kings must toil and fight
And strive and struggle
Through the changing horizons
with eyes so keen
Searching up above, for your heavenly shore

Timi Sanni is a contemporary and speculative writer. He has been writing professionally for five years. His educational background in science and journalism has given a wide range of approaches to writing.
He has written many short stories, poems and essays which can be found on literary platforms like Wattpad, Allpoetry and African Writer. He is a member of Writers’ Group and ANSA, Association of Nigerian Student Authors.
When not writing, or in a corner with a book in hand, he can be seen sketching or painting things.

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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