Life’s Discordant Melody by ‘Uzuazo Onwah


In the chimes of alarm clocks,
In the crowing of proud cocks.
In the clicks as doors unlock,
In the grumbles of livestock.
In the songs of devotion,
In clatters of breaking dawn.
In the rays of rising sun,
In the early morning runs.
In the traffic of rush hour,
In the petals of a flower.
In old engines sputtering,
In the pigeons fluttering.
In the noisy jabbering,
In the parrots' chattering.
In the low, continuous drone,
In the gardens overgrown.
In the busy place of work,
In the grunts of grazing flock.
In the clutter of classrooms,
In the flowers' sweet perfume.
In the music of the farm,
In the blood flow through the arm.
In the voices of hawkers,
In the waving blades of grass.
In the loud screams of childbirth,
In the chilly ocean depths.
In heavy sighs at lunch break,
In the still, untroubled lake.
In the buzz of ringing phones,
In footsteps on cobblestones.
In cold meals eaten alone,
In the snap of breaking bones.
In the cop who acts insane,
In the roar of pouring rain.
In school children heading home,
In the sun's descending dome.
In the frantic evening rush,
In the graveyard's muted hush.
In the evening workers' pose,
In the lengthening shadows.
In the noise of power plants,
In the line of marching ants.
In the neon lights of billboards,
In the mirth of timely words.
In dinner's sweet aroma,
In the warm breeze of summer.
In the bright glow of streetlights,
In the crunch of hungry bites.
In the dense evening gossip,
In the mountain's pointed tip.
In the TV's flickering light,
In the brief glimpse of moonlight.
In creaks of beds being made,
In a heart that lies afraid.
In the perfumed scent of Raid,
In the joy of debts being paid.
In the darkness of midnight,
In the view from lofty heights.
In the night shift's stiffled yawn,
In the hours before dawn.
In a planet's dreamless sleep,
In a serpent's muffled creep.
In the screens of mobile phones,
In the lure of precious stones.
In computer monitors,
In the rainbow's bright colours.
And in your eyes too, my dear,
You will find life everywhere.
Hear it, See it, Handle it,
Smell it, Taste vitality.
Little things we overlook
Make life like a boring book.
Activities wear you out,
Living, that's what life's about.

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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