Omolewa, Omodara Odejo by Adebayo Smartfingers



Omolewa, omodara odejo


Thou beauteous of beauties


Thy gait of feline grace


and spotless charming face


hath enough to get man drunken


Drunkenness above Oguro’s doing


Such drunkenness, folks tag, madness


Verily, Madness doth seems profane


But madness for thy love poses sane


Eyinju-ege's eyes glow in blinding brilliance


And Ibadi-aran’s waist sways charmingly


but thy beauty robs theirs off meaning


Truly, it shames them all!


In every step thou take


Others doth imitate


And whatsoever thou doest


Every maiden taketh interest


Thy smile…


Oh thy smile!


The morning sun doth envy


Even the new moon won’t boast of such glow


Let the night come with its darkness


I will lit no lamp, the rays of thy eye will do


Let winter come with its chilliness


Thy bodily warmth hath good a cover


Thy father call me lazy, thy mother too,


Maybe, maybe I say, maybe it’s true


But even the lazy do have some pride


My father is a productive farmer,


Me, your unrepentant lover!


Thou art my profession, my day and night busyness


A bag of cowries for dowry, I have not


My lady, vain spoils doth rot


I’d kept all treasures in a chest


Tucked away in my heart, they rest


Fleeing treasures of life are weaklings


They stand frailty to the monster, time


Though, thousands of suitors swamp thy hut


I won’t waver; Nay, I won’t bother


In the market square of life


thousand buyers doth hover on a good


But only one buyer doth take it home


I stand the one, the very sweetness in thy honeycomb!


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