Poem: Fateful Tumor by James Ademuyiwa



Mother was a broken glass

shattered on my skin

piercing through my soul

digging deep and deep

like dance steps of shame

at the frontline of wolves

she was broken like

peace in Gaza and Tripoli

with living debris for

years unseen


Mother was a loosed fire

in harmattan, grazing

everyone at home day by day

with innocent looks of a baby

she became unquenchable

like graft in Niger area

Mother is an inferno

burning our skin daily

with no signs of dying soon


Mother is a tempest

raging my heart with

storms and thunder

killing my hopes with

her prideful goodie bags,

packs of pains, shame and fate

hitting the neighborhood

unruly like case of Africa

and bad governance


Mother is a bag of galls,

whips, cactus, denial and thorns

Mother is a broken glass

Mother is the naked woman

smiling at the market square.

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