Poem: Tortured by Ayodeji Louis


Blazing heat, Angry as Hell

Burnt flesh, hung across the torso
Events, not pleasantly pleasing
Worth the stress or is it the life?
Flattened chest, cursed by the sun
Or cursed by life?
Hardness, roughness, not a toast
Cheers to life
Could be worse!
So they say
Frustrated, disappointed but content
What’s life if not contentment?
Preacher! Preach on!
While you hold on to my pocket
I shall feed your robust mouth
While you give me words of comfort
As I stay suffering content with little.
Blazed, unfeeling, insensitive
Not that I can, even when I tried
Dry-eyed, gazing on
What’s the need for words?
Words bring more words
Words are not action
Content with way below less
Could be blessed with way more
But I am stressed, while I try

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