POEM: RAINBOW WINGS by Sylvia Ojima Agamah 



(Today, the nanty greens team celebrate with Sylvia Agamah on her birthday. This poem is written by her as she reflects on life.)


This I know

Not so long ago

Met I a butterfly

Beautifully perched on my window glass

Brought to eye a tear I dry

Every waking moment

Was time spent with my friend

The butterfly of morning light

Colours of great interest

So fragile; so magnificent

Enchanted butterfly!

What stories you tell

On your rainbow wings –

A crawly caterpillar

To a stagnant pupa

Now an aerodynamic spell

Your flutters; gust of life

You are me –

A reflection of change

Sylvia Ojima Agamah is a brand management expert based in Abuja.

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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  1. Wow!!! Thank you, Feyi. Thanks to the Nanty Greens Creative team. A word to every reader out there is that change is a good thing…good or bad. Change prepares us all for a grander phase ahead. Whether you are in the crawly caterpillar stage or stagnant pupa stage, a gorgeous butterfly will emerge out of you. Thanks for the birthday wishes. God bless you all!

  2. We are delighted to have you on the blog. Do invite friends and acquaintances; the blog is open to everyone. Thanks Sylvia

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