POEM: CRUX OF LIFE by Priscilla Adesheyoju

This road I take


Should it lead me back or forth?


I fear


Cos the journey of life


Comes with no directions


The decisions of our heart


Sometimes move us to delight or despair


Rough, bumpy, tough it may be


But the rose is fairest when it’s budding new


Hope is brightest when dawns from fear


A new day will come


And this will be gone


Now I see a light


Yes a light comes forth


When all hope is lost


Faith or fate, fury or fear; we choose


Then we’ve reached the crux of our lives



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  1. nice, am feelin u gal!! feelin u..feelin u gal!!!!!…. u're so impressive, writin rhymes with lines dat're so intensive!!,,,mmmm no mind jor nice one!!

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