The Drunken Master by Yomi Edward






Marooned enforcer of the republic

Roasting under the naked sun

At the flash of murinaira

He licenses night-raiders

Mowing blossoming palm fronds

Who refuse to wet the ground

Keepers of the gate

Who let in the goat

To devour our isasun

 The blackangels

Guiding jealously

Morality and service

To the final resting place

The drunken master

When the nightghouls raid the street

He chickens under his wife’s wrapper

When the coast is clear

He emerges,

Pouncing on the wandering fowls

For constituting public nuisance

Foxy bloated dark terror

Plaything of the commandos

Daymare of the roadriders

Playmates of the nightraiders


Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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