Love is in the Moment



Miss Meddle had a February-Love Giveaway yesterday on her blog. The competition was for her readers to respond to the question ‘what does love mean to you?’ Big shout out to Miss Meddle for not only blessing us with great content but also airtime 😀 I wasn’t going to participate but I couldn’t ignore the voice in my head whispering ‘Love is in the moment’ here is my entry.
And yay I was one of the winners.

Love is in the moment
In the memory
In understanding
In commitment
In remembering
Knowing that this cloud
Only you see
Is your curse
Cross, plus
Oh joy, blessing.

Love is in the down
Then you remember
How it felt in the beginning.

Love is in the hurting
Yes, you care and it’s foolish to
It’s simple yet complicated
It’s the sea that calls the sailor
Yet turbulent

Love is unexplained (really)
Isn’t that why we are here?


image via thoughtcatalog

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