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Immortal Memories Tayo Oladipo
Poetry 1

Immortal Memories I will take this treasure, these memories; the endless chatter on the raffia mat, the sunset rendezvous with the sun taking into the sea the burden in…More

Love stars
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Miss Meddle had a February-Love Giveaway yesterday on her blog. The competition was for her readers to respond to the question ‘what does love mean to you?’ Big shout…More

rain nantygreens
Poetry 4

I’m in this bus with my earphones plugged in; Fela telling me not-so-subtly that he’s basketmouth and he’s come again. Generally, I’m not a pretentious fella but I’m trying very…More

Poetry 1

First I saw your steely eyes blue as the sea and as the skies you make me feel paralysed unlike all the other guys I wont let you pass…More

Poetry 0

In yesterday's crowd you stopped my heart's hurried pace. Through all that chaos you made mine a distinct face. The thoughts in your head echoed mine like a town…More

her face - connection
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I can see her face. She’s sitting comfy in that spot she’s always seated but her mind is far from whatever is around her. Just as I’m looking at…More

Poetry 0

by @daireenonline Never fall in love, so said the sage to me Tis only fools that play in the arena of emotions Where darkness abounds and loneliness preys Never,…More

Poetry 3

….Like I want you To be my sun – Shining through the darkest of nights My moon – light on my path That cool breeze after the rain…More

Poetry 0

It’s my heart’s desire To be the kind of friend you require To stand by you when all have fled With me you’ll never be misled I’ll speak those…More