Arewa by eDriiz



Your beauty bubbles like red palm oil being extracted from the banga fruit

Your eyes so bright like the miday sun filled with soft tenderness
You stand tall and gracefull amidst the maidens like the iroko stands amidst the
forest trees
Your black hair sweeping down your shoulders kissing the nape of your spine
Bright morning star of eloquent beauty whose effervescent light shines through the
path of my heart
Your skin glows like the evening skies when the day grows longer than the night
Your voice is like the melodies of the ''inwin's'' chanting their midnight choruses
in sweet unison 
The sweetness of your palm always reminding me of the hands of a loving mother
Your teeth sparkling and white like palmwine undiluted
Your hips well curved and puntuated like a water calabash
The goddess of untold beauty
You rule the kingdom of my heart  

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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