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from different poets in Nigeria and around the world. Read inspiring poems from contributing Poets to inspire you.
We publish not only contemporary Nigerian poets but also African poets and their poetry.

headlong by Hauwa Shafii Nuhu
Poetry 1

headlong finally, i pause the prolonged humming in my veins -all things must align with this silence i gather grapevines bloodying their lengths; the ones whose voices are…More

Youth smoke ace
Poetry 0

I will mark my body with worldly inks of sorrow and  misery as though I cannot love; proof of all that I endure I  admire you in all your ways…More

be happy red couch
Poetry 0

On a couch I sink and think on those days those days you were all I had like an oily-tarred road, you stretched your goodwill mats when the foes folded…More

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