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from different poets in Nigeria and around the world. Read inspiring poems from contributing Poets to inspire you.
We publish not only contemporary Nigerian poets but also African poets and their poetry.

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Awo OlugbebeConversations with Tope Mark The stretched handsfolded fingers into a collectivethat birthed my great-grandfatherCannot be refusedIt is like a witness to anger in the presence of the oldBut here…More

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Bewilderedness there are days you wander in between trunks of trees in the darkest forest imbedded in your veins. you wished plucking your two lens out of their sockets; wanting…More

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Upon the Still Waters of the Niger, I Wrote This i am trapped in an influx of gaseous watersa rhythmic trombone writhes me into transparency& glow is a myth, so…More

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Walk through this with Me My father loves better when he is drunk and my mother seizes the moment with her hands and body. We are in the living room…More

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A Study of Our Madnesssometimes it becomes difficult to tell the difference between my mind and a townhouse burning to the ground maybe /to be mad//is just another name/ for…More

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How we got here how many wonders have you heard about in your life time / the Noah’s flood / the miracles of Jesus or / the tea pot that…More

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