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I hear him ranting Cursing it seems to him Ranting is it to me I do not speak To do, would break my monopoly I’m smug in my intelligence…More

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Only a very select few will agree that they found the series ‘Spartacus’ distasteful, particularly people who abhor nudity onscreen and uninhibited violence. However, very few will dish the plot…More

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(this has previously been posted on the blog. It's another christmas season, let's enjoy it.) Dis-ember; I love sing the seven days of Christmas merry with friends and families.…More

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The solemn thought of life The inevitability of death Cuts deep like a knife Alters the very breath Today the rose shines so bright Commands admiration from every eye…More

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Shon-Sir! Marooned enforcer of the republic Roasting under the naked sun At the flash of murinaira He licenses night-raiders Mowing blossoming palm fronds Who refuse to wet the…More

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Mirrors tell tall tales of me Spin webby yarns of how good I look Gift me dreams; lofty high Where only thoughts; dare fly Mirrors, speak so clearly to…More

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